Flav Martin

FLAV (pronounced “Flahv” — think, “ahhhh!”) is the first member of his family born in the USA. His family hails from Trieste, Italy, and when you’ve got a minute, he’s got some stories to tell you …

This is him … in his yard in High Point, New Jersey …

Between rural High Point and urban Jackson Heights, NY, where he split his time growing up, he learned all about life with its many joys, blessings, heartaches, contrasts, consistencies, and inconsistencies … and also about music. His great uncle, Giovanni Martinelli, succeeded Enrico Caruso at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City. Flav ate at a restaurant one night seated next to John Lennon. Gene Simmons — of KISS fame — rehearsed for years with Flav’s brother Larry in the basement of the family home. His grandparents were separated by the war for over thirty years and then were serendipitiously and miraculously reunited. Ah, just another day in the life.

Flav is dedicated to writing eclectic acoustic music. He has appeared on The Morning Show (NBC) and has been the primary composer for Rhode Island’s Shakespeare in the Park Festival held in Westerly, R.I. every summer for the past seven years.

Throughout his career he has played with and/or opened for David Crosby, Al Stewart, Jefferson Starship, Eric Burdon and the Animals, Suzanne Vega, Aztec Two-Step, Denny Laine (Paul McCartney and Wings), Leo Kottke, Pete Best (The Beatles), Davy Jones (The Monkees), Cry of Love, Tommy Emmanuel, Chad and Jeremy, The Radiators, Wide Spread Panic and Steve Morse to name a few. Flav’s many writing credits include Saturday Night Live, PBS, Canon Films and New York-based off-Broadway productions and various independent films.

His music is widely acclaimed by the media, fellow musicians, and celebrities alike —

David Crosby — “Excellent material and player!”

David Santaniello — Executive with Sony/Columbia — “A tour de force … packed with talent!”

Tommy Emmanuel — “Great stuff! I was jammin’ along with him on the side of the stage.”

Chad and Jeremy — “Flav is the 21st century’s Richie Havens”

Tina Schafer — Bitter End Songwriters circle — “The real deal”

Credited as one of the most innovative acoustic guitar players on the scene today, Flav blends beautiful melodies with intricate technique, voicing, and a percussive style that leaves people saying “How does he do that?”

Flav has been called “the guitarist’s guitarist; soulful, sarcastic, funny, and at times romantic” all in one. He is a unique, approachable player who has performed at The Bitter End, The Spotlight, The Narrows, Stone Soup, Newport Yachting Center, Folk City, The Knitting Factory in New York, The Nassau Coliseum, The Bluebird CafĂ© in Nashville and other various cities north, south, east and west. Flav has also appeared on the Martin Stage in Austin, Texas, the Zihuatanejo International Guitar Festival in Mexico and the Misquamicut Music Festival in Rhode Island.and many more venues throughout the country. He is currently available for scoring independent films/projects.

Besides music, (and his lovely and talented daughter), Flav’s other love is screenwriting; and this was one of the main motivating factors in his creation of a small project studio called “Mojo,” a creative arts studio. It is a 1,200-square foot space in downtown Westerly with a small stage suitable for small film projects, talk show-type film interviews as well as audio pre- and post-production. Mojo is an active art gallery as well, fueled by the artistic vision of artist Wendy Gencarelli.

God bless and enjoy the music!

Video and audio samples can be found at www.youtube.com/flavmartin

– See more at: https://web.archive.org/web/20150919182150/http://www.flavmartin.com/who_is_this_guy_/#sthash.NtyE0Bau.dpuf