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Flav is temporarily suspending gigs as he works intensively in the studio on the last of his three-part series, a duo cd with none other than the famed drummer/percussionist Jerry Marotta.

"Not What it Seems" and "Indestructible" are both available on cdbaby, amazon, and itunes.

Please check back often for possible impromptu shows!

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not what it seems

Premiere release of the first of a three-part cd series, "not what it seems" features many of flav's early rock & roll style songs ... with a couple of surprises thrown in! Stay tuned for the next installment, which showcases the unique and percussive style of playing for which flav has become famous, and that leaves folks shaking their heads and saying,"how does he do that?" meanwhile, enjoy the music!!


Flav Martin: Not What It Seems

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